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A past life in the name of Cicero...

Welcome to my first experience of inner travel thanks to Bernard Werber.

Last Christmas, I participated in a random gift exchange circle at a friend's house, where everyone brought an object belonging to them, to offer to the person whom the "spell" would designate. After randomly thrown numbers, turns in one direction and then in the other, I come across a pendant stone, called “Larimar”.She is blue, very beautiful and she seems familiar to me through previous research done on her and on Edgard Cayce and the Atlanteans.

But let’s just get back to this Christmas 2020.

The person, helped by chance, who gave me this stone approaches me to discuss his story. We quickly approach different themes such as dreams, past lives and significant readings.I quote Bernard Werber among the authors I love and the boy asks me if I have read "Pandora's Box". If not, he strongly recommends it. Alright.

A month later, that is to say about 15 days ago, while I am strolling in front of the pocket department of the supermarket, I come across the famous Pandora's box. Without hesitation I buy it to start reading it a week later.I swallow it in a few days, when I imagine the time spent writing it, it's as scandalous as swallowing maki in 2 min. But it was impossible to curb this bulimia of the next page.

This book revived feelings, memories, lives where my very controlling mind would finally allow me to dive.

I'm coming soon to a part that may be of more interest to you.

This week, I'm going to visit my friend, the Christmas one, for a Piano / Japanese exchange. He is the brother of the creator of a famous Podcast of which Bernard Werber was one of the guests and sharing my enthusiasm for this book, he sends me the link of the podcast in question.

Once I get home, I listen to it and continue with the second on an "inner journey" offered by the Werber Company following the instructions of its attentive captain. I am ready to lend myself to the game, because the idea of a playful exploration that feels good simply speaks to me. I understand that we are far from the therapeutic version of a frightening plunge into the karmic abyss. So much the better !

So off I went for the descent of the stairs, step by step and when I arrived in front of the famous door of the subconscious. To my great surprise, she offers no resistance and my cat, at this precise moment, with a strong meow, confirms to me that I can go.

I enter the corridor of my lives, see doors, it's rather blurry but they are there. I ask to see the one in life where I have been happiest, a door lights up and it is number 67.I am in front of her and again, she opens up.

My hands become those of a white man, hairy, about forty years old, I would say, rather thick. I go down my legs and seem to see a sort of openwork pair of Spartan type boots and I hear...Julius or rather Tullius then...Cicero...I raise my head and I am in Rome on the outskirts of a gigantic arena under a blazing sun. It seems that I am near the track and that César is present in this place, but I do not see him because probably seated much higher in the bleachers and opposite to where I am.The voice of Bernard Werber continuing to guide the trip, then asks me to choose an object to take with me. It is a weapon that I take, a sword, although I am not a gladiator.

So I'm leaving with this sword that I carefully place in front of door n°67 as the voice tells me. I continue in the direction of the initial main door, cross it, close it and go up the steps of the spiral staircase one by one.I open my eyes, listen to the end of the podcast then immediately type, Cicero, into google.I discover that he was born on January 3rd, like me!!! First shock...

January 3 again! Again yes, because it was also the day of the death of Edgard Cayce who died on January 3, 1945 (year of birth of my father) Ok.

I quickly go through the life of Cicero, at least what we know about it, and stop on the second point that concerns me, justice and law.

His first job was as a magistrate, which he held for the first time in a town called "Lilybée". Second shock! Because...I have been living in a house for 3 years that I decided to baptize "Lullaby" and on the other hand before choosing music as a profession, from writing to composition and stage performance, I did a stealthy passage through the law school. Stealth, yes. When I understood that I would have to learn by heart, stupidly, numbers corresponding to laws to which I did not adhere, before being able to claim to defend the lost causes of the most deprived.

I saw that it was not this way and I used another one that could carry my convictions just as much, but in a more artistic way.

I also noticed last week two tree branches forming a perfect Caesar's crown and thought about it, a detail of less importance but which resurfaces over the course of my discoveries. I never look for coincidences because they jump out at me!! Sorry, but the strength of the synchronicities is well worth a frontal explosion.

Cicero...still! It's not possible Peg, you're completely hallucinating!Yes ! Maybe, but it's awesome!!!I realize that despite my shy nature, a belief certainly due to the many "Peggy the slut" animating my school days, I am rather a good speaker once I have passed the few seconds of stage fright activating the thrilling, very comfortable singing and performing in front of an audience.Cicero, orator, litigant and philosopher who left many writings of which, forgive this lacuna, I do not know the content.

I like this Cicero, presumed previous incarnation, and I would love to ask him what he thinks of all these notebooks that I filled with thoughts on the meaning of life and being, since my adolescence. And this first book that I titled “La nuit je vole”, a joyous mix of various reflections, attributed to the adventures of a heroine with a corkscrew tail.What would he think?

So, as Bernard Werber so rightly said in the podcast, I am lucky not to be a scientist and not to have to prove what I say. Unless you find a few eyewitnesses with excellent prenatal memory. The oculus, a future huge round of glass rimmed with wood, installed on the south side of my floor in the making, will perhaps open an illuminating window to me on this mystery, but in the meantime, it is in total freedom that I allow me to share my little epic with you.

If you too would like to travel with Bernard, here is the link for the inner journey:

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